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Established in 1983, Williams, Charles & Scott LTD. - (WCS) is a global leader in both the Domestic and International Commercial Collections Industry, providing prompt, personal, and effective service. With a diversified clientele on both the Domestic and International level, we have established a track record of excellence in handling all types of Commercial accounts. We are also longstanding members of the American Collectors Association(ACA) and since 1987, are holders of the Certificate of Compliance from the agency section of the Commercial Law League of America.

Each year we receive thousands of claims from almost every state and from many foreign countries. We have clients and hold long standing business relationships all across the United States. We represent major International firms headquartered in numerous world business centers. We at WCS must not only be familiar with the peculiarities of the laws and recovery procedures of the 50 states, but we must be aware of what must be done in order to collect quickly and voluntarily. Additionally, our recovery services are supported by full legal involvement for any of your accounts where litigation is deemed the most appropriate course of action. Furthermore, we are both bonded and insured and maintain a trust account for all recovered funds.

Our collection procedures are not based upon guesswork. They are predicated upon debtor research, hard facts, and a wealth of foresight and knowledge that has been acquired through years of "hands on experience." Additionally, doing business in the 21st century requires us to be specialists in using the latest computer and web based technologies to SEARCH, LOCATE, CONTACT, and RECOVER on your account from your principal debtor before competing creditors do.

Our staff are professionals who know the importance of cash flow, cash recovery and regenerated profits and are seasoned recovery specialists. Thousands of dollars are spent investing in the continuing education of our team to maintain the high performance standards we know you require. Our staff is therefore always ready with the skills to serve you.

ACA WCS 30th


Inside ARM: October 17, 2008- In response to economic uncertainty, New York based collection agency Williams, Charles & Scott, Ltd. (WCS) has launched an innovative online payment service called WCS WebPay. WCS WebPay is a proprietary and encrypted web payment option that allows corporations and consumers to liquidate their debts via major credit card or "via check by phone", 24/7 in very unique ways. More


The staff at Williams, Charles & Scott Ltd. can be reached from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday Eastern Standard Time. While we may be diligent in our collection efforts, the staff also focuses itself on being responsive to inquiries, suggestions, and requests whenever they arise. Feel free to contact us for any reason regarding your past, present, or future collection needs.

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Williams, Charles, & Scott Ltd's success is based upon "service" and "service" means understanding each creditor's needs... dealing intelligently with unique problems... continuously seeking every opportunity to increase recovery levels... providing up-to-date reports... having lines of communications open directly to executives. These are only a few of the reasons why companies all over the world have selected Williams, Charles, & Scott Ltd. as their Domestic / International Agent.   more...



We remit automated status reports to your email every month. These status reports are seamlessly generated so you are always informed on your active and recently closed accounts. If you have any special “needs” or "wants"; WCS is able to accommodate any unique requirements that will assist you in managing your accounts placed for collections.  more...